RAK ICC Free zone allows seamless relocation of companies.

How to relocate, process & regulations.

Relocation/Redomicilliation of a company to the UAE

Relocation/re-domiciliation is the process of changing the domicile from one jurisdiction to another while maintaining the same legal identity.

Regulatory changes in the current country of operation, new business requirements due to internal changes, and unappealing changes in the offshore framework are reasons companies might look to relocate their companies to another country/region. However, most free zones don’t allow for re-domiciliation, and therefore sometimes the only option available for companies is to liquidate the original company and then open a new one.

RAK ICC free zone is one of the only free zones in the country that allow you to transfer an existing company (international or national). Given the extra cost of liquidating a company and opening a new company from scratch, the RAK ICC free zone is one of the most attractive options for companies. Additionally, the RAK ICC free zone also offers various other benefits that make it one of the best locations to do business in the country.

Why relocate to RAK ICC?

  • Ras Al Khaimah International Corporate Centre (RAK ICC) offers five corporate structures & covers various sectors like consulting, commercial, media, etc.
  • Tax-free system leading to loads of savings for the company
  • RAK ICC is also one of the most cost-effective free zones in the UAE as well
  • Maintain your existing legal structure & keep your past financial & banking records
  • Get access to common law courts

Opening a company in RAK ICC

RAK ICC needs you to open a company with the help of a registered agent, Exillium is one of them. Our experts can help you guide through the process and make sure it is smooth & efficient.

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