Trademark Registration: 6 simple steps to register in the UAE

A trademark is a word, symbol, phrase, or design that is the intellectual property of an individual/company/organization that helps them distinguish themselves or their product/services from others.

There are various reasons to register your trademark in the UAE like:

  • Increase brand reputation
  • Establish legal ownership
  • Appear more legit to consumers, investors, and governing bodies
  • Protect rights infringement

What types of Trademarks are available?

  • Service: used for services of a company
  • Certifications: to certify a product’s quality
  • Collective membership marks: members of an organization

What can you register as a Trademark in the UAE?

Trademarks in the UAE are managed under Federal Law No. 37 of 1992.

  • Words
  • Letters, numbers, and other characters
  • Logos, emblems, badges
  • Devices
  • Colour
  • Sound recordings
  • Audiovisuals

What can’t be registered as a Trademark?

Nothing that describes your product or service can be registered as a trademark e.g. you can’t trademark the word Jewelry if you own a jewelry brand.

Requirements to register in the UAE

  • It should be unique and distinctive
  • It should not be misleading in any way
  • It should respect the moral code (not be offensive in any way)

The process of registering a Trademark in the UAE

  • Check if the word/symbol/design you want to Trademark is already taken or free. You can check that in the Federal database. If it already exists you have to look for a new one and if it is free you can continue the process.
  • Fill out the application form: Trademark registration is handled by the Ministry of Economy. You can fill out the form online under the e-services section on their website. At this point, you will be required to submit documents that form a part of the process like:
    • Passport copy
    • Logo
    • Trade license
    • Power of attorney
    • List of goods & services under the trademark

Not an exhaustive list

  • Pay the fees
  • Wait for the initial approval: The Ministry of Economy usually takes 30 days to evaluate & approve the application. In most cases, you should receive the approval directly, however, in some cases like misspelling, it could lead to rejection. In which case you can modify or appeal.
  • Publish in two Arabic newspapers: Once you receive the initial approval you have to publish the trademark in two newspapers & give anyone in the public a chance to object within 30 days. If that happens the ministry will evaluate according to the local laws & give the final approval or rejection.
  • Final registration: If everything goes smoothly, then you can finally register your trademark & get your certificate from the authorities.

Voila! You have your trademark certificate.

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